Pittsburgh river with 2 yellow bridges and speed boat
Pittsburgh river with 2 yellow bridges and speed boat

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About Keystone Iron and Metal: Our Eco-Friendly Scrap Yard and Recycling Practices

About Us

Welcome to Keystone Iron and Metal, your local eco-friendly scrap yard center located in the Pittsburgh area. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment through responsible metal recycling practices.

Our Mission

At Keystone Iron and Metal, our mission is to work hard and do our part for the environment. As the most trusted scrap metal recycling center in the Pittsburgh region, we prioritize the safe handling and proper recycling of all scrap metal materials that enter our facility.

We take pride in employing a team of responsible and qualified professionals who are committed to ensuring that your old cars and scrap metal are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

State-of-the-Art Recycling

Since 1983, our Pittsburgh region scrap yard has set the standard for scrap metal recycling. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment for processing and transportation, enabling us to provide efficient and effective recycling services.

In addition to serving the business community, we can also offer a variety of pick-up bins that are equipped to handle scrap metal removal from your location. Please call us for all details. Our convenient roll-off bins make recycling scrap metal easy and hassle-free for the eco-friendly community.

Saving Landfill Space

One of our primary goals is to help save landfill space. We are proud to serve the surrounding counties of Pittsburgh and we are committed to complying with all environmental regulations.

At Keystone Iron and Metal, we adhere to our Environmental and Eco-Friendly Best Management Practices. Our dedicated office and yard staff are well-trained in the importance of protecting the environment and ensuring that our recycling processes have a minimal impact on the ecosystem.

By choosing our Pittsburgh region scrap yard near me, you can trust that your scrap metal will be recycled responsibly, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Scrapyard Near Me Google Podcast and phoneScrapyard Near Me Google Podcast and phone

Services We Offer

At Keystone Iron and Metal, we offer a wide range of services to help you de-clutter your home and turn your unwanted scrap metal into cash today. As your local household scrap metal drop-off provider, we are committed to offering the best scrap metal prices near you.

Domestic & Household Scrap Metal

If you have scrap metal items cluttering your home, garden shed, garage, or driveway, we are here to help. Our team specializes in accepting various types of scrap metals, ranging from household plumbing fittings to kitchen appliances and even scrap cars. Some examples are:

  • Radiators

  • Boilers

  • Washing machines

  • Washers and dryers

  • Dishwashers

  • Pipes

  • Iron baths

  • Indoor and outdoor taps

  • Cars

By contacting one of our knowledgeable scrap metal staff members through phone or email, we will gladly answer all of your questions regarding the items we can accept. This way, you can avoid the hassle of loading up your car and making a trip to our yard, only to find out that we don't accept your specific items. At Keystone Iron and Metal, we value your time and ensure a seamless experience.

Moreover, it's important to note that we not only accept your scrap metal items, but we also pay you for them! Our friendly and helpful scrap yard team members are dedicated to making the process easy for you. By choosing us, you can free up valuable space in your home, remove metal clutter, and raise some much-needed cash.

Don't hesitate to call us today with any questions you may have. We are here to assist you every step of the way in converting your unwanted scrap metal into money.

Scrap Yard Near Me Yellow About Our Service Pic
Scrap Yard Near Me Yellow About Our Service Pic

Get Cash For Your Car

Looking to get rid of your old, unwanted car and make some quick cash? Look no further! We are your trusted local automobile recycling center where we offer cash for your junk car. Instead of wasting your hard-earned money on a useless vehicle, why not turn it into cash?

Stop Paying For That Junk Car!

Are you tired of pouring money into a vehicle that no longer serves you? We understand the frustration of keeping a junk car and constantly paying for repairs. Say goodbye to those never-ending expenses and let us take your junk car off your hands.

At our scrap yard, we specialize in recycling automobiles and providing fair compensation for your unwanted vehicle. Our process is straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

What You Need to Know

If you have a vehicle to scrap, bring it to our local scrap yard at any time during our business hours. Don't forget to bring the necessary documents, including your title document and photo ID. We want to ensure a smooth transaction, so please make sure to thoroughly check your vehicle for any personal possessions before bringing it to us.

During the scrapping process, we occasionally come across surprising discoveries hidden within vehicles. You'd be amazed at what we find! So, it's always a good idea to double-check and remove any personal items before handing over your car to us.

More About Scrapping Your Unwanted Car

For most people, scrapping a car is not a regular occurrence. If you're unsure about how to scrap your car or commercial vehicle, don't worry. We are here to guide you through the simple process and offer you a fair and competitive price.

To ensure a smooth transaction, please bring the following items:

  • Your car

  • Your title documents

  • Photo ID

It's as simple as that! We strive to make the process as convenient as possible for our customers. However, please note that we do not provide a towing service, so you will need to arrange transportation for your vehicle to our scrap yard.

Don't let your unwanted car take up valuable space and drain your finances.

Contact us today and let us turn your junk into cash!

Scrap Yard Near Me Cash for junk car red car and money
Scrap Yard Near Me Cash for junk car red car and money

Commercial & Rehab Scrap Metal

Are you in need of cash for your scrap metal? Look no further! We are here to not only pay you cash but also become your trusted partner for all your scrap metal recycling projects. With our expertise and dedication, we ensure a seamless and efficient process that benefits both you and the environment.

We Become Your Partner In Your Project!

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, we are here to serve you. Our services extend to both residential and commercial clients, and we take pride in offering scrap metal bins and roll-off containers to suitable vendors for their projects. With our support, you can focus on your task at hand while we take care of the recycling process.

Our services cater to a diverse range of professionals including:

  • Contracting & Demolition

  • Plumbing & Electrical

  • Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Computer & Technology

  • Automotive

  • Machine Shops & Manufacturers

No matter your industry, we have the expertise and resources to handle your scrap metal recycling needs. By partnering with us, you can ensure a hassle-free experience and reap the benefits of sustainable waste management.

Our commitment to environmental preservation and customer satisfaction sets us apart. We understand the importance of responsible disposal and recycling practices, and we strive to make a positive impact by diverting scrap metal from landfills.

When you choose us as your scrap metal partner, you gain access to a team of dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable in the field. We adhere to strict safety protocols and regulations, ensuring that all recycling processes are conducted ethically and efficiently.

Furthermore, our competitive prices and prompt payment policy make us a preferred choice among our clients. We value your time and effort, which is why we offer cash payments for your scrap metal providing you with immediate financial benefit.

Contact Us Today!

If you are ready to embark on your scrap metal recycling project, or if you have any inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly and experienced team is here to assist you every step of the way. Together, let's make a difference in waste management and create a greener future.

Scrap Yard Near Me Commercial scrap metal and crain
Scrap Yard Near Me Commercial scrap metal and crain

Scrapyard Near Me and its companies have served the Pittsburgh region and business owners for over 30 years.

Below are some interesting facts and information about Pittsburgh you may not know…

Pittsburgh History Up To Today

Located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers ahead of the Ohio River, Pittsburgh was referred to as the "Gateway to the West" from its early days as a frontier village.

Quickly accessible rivers with a wealth of natural deposits, (coal, lumber, gas, iron as well as sedimentary rock) helped Pittsburgh become the industrial facility for a growing nation.

Most people acknowledge something concerning Pittsburgh's background, that it was called an industrial hub for coal mining as well as steel manufacturing.

Pittsburgh has played a vital part in U.S. history from the very early days of the French and Indian War (1758 ) to the Revolutionary War (1776 ), to the notorious Whiskey Rebellion (1791) as well as the American Civil War (1860s) with its deceptive Underground Railroad.

The Civil War increased the city's economic climate with enhanced iron and armament needs. With his intro to the Bessemer steel-making procedure, Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie, completed his rise from obscurity to become the wealthiest man in the world. Carnegie started steel manufacturing in 1875. Henry Clay Frick, the grandson of western Pennsylvania scotch distillers, made his money building and running beehive coking ovens where coal became coke, a needed basic material in steel making. Soon, the two males integrated to develop the Carnegie Steel Co. In 1901, Carnegie and Frick combined a number of companies into United States Steel Corp.

Keystone Iron and Metal Serving The Pittsburgh Community

Scrapyard Near Me Old Pittsburgh water landing and river
Scrapyard Near Me Old Pittsburgh water landing and river

The background of America's organized labor activity included some dark days during the Homestead Steel Strike and the subsequent armed problem of the Battle of Homestead. From these dark days, however, expanded contemporary labor techniques and regulations to safeguard workers were developed.

While the riverfront steel mills of the Mon Valley are mostly gone, the generosity of commercial titans like Carnegie as well as Frick, food producer H.J. Heinz, as well as banker/financier Andrew Mellon survives in a heritage of art, culture as well as education and learning in Pittsburgh. What stayed are the Frick family house, called Clayton, along with a masterful art collection. Andrew Carnegie's charitable public contributions included The Carnegie Library, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Institute of Technology (recognized today as Carnegie Mellon University).

Up to the mid-1950s, Pittsburgh was the nation's eighth-largest city, representing nearly fifty percent of national steel output. The city's population swelled to over a half million with European immigration through Ellis Island. Pittsburgh's patchwork of neighborhoods still maintains an ethnic personality showing the city's immigrant history.

Even though Pittsburgh dealt with bumpy rides in the 1970s and 80s when steel manufacturing all but vanished from its landscape, it has re-invented itself as a center for education and learning, medicine, manufacturing as well as research study. Of course, having extremely effective sports teams has enhanced the city's online reputation. The black and gold of all three of its teams, Steelers (NFL), Pirates (MLB) and Penguins (NHL) are synonymous with the pride regional citizens have in its sporting teams and the city they represent.

Today, Pittsburgh welcomes visitors from around the world. Its strengths lie in its credibility as an all-American city, as well as its real, hard-working residents. Its welcoming sense to visitors has actually changed it into one of the most surprisingly gorgeous and dynamic cities in the USA. To totally relive Pittsburgh's past, see the Senator John Heinz History Center for an immersive historic experience.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, the steel market broke down yet Pittsburgh managed to adapt to the altering economic situation by reinventing itself and also shifting to a service-based city. Medicine, education, innovation, as well as finances currently drive Pittsburgh's economic climate.

And Today....The 21st Century

As Pittsburgh celebrates its 265th birthday celebration in 2023, the city has actually once again put on a new face. A lot of the old industrial complexes have been reborn as shopping, cultural, eating, as well as enjoyment districts. In 1992, the first-rate Pittsburgh International Airport opened. Acrisure Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, PNC Park, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates in addition to The Carnegie Science Museum have actually rejuvenated Pittsburgh's North Shore. The Rivers Casino opened up in August of 2009, as well as a brand-new home for the Pittsburgh Penguins, PPG Paints Arena, opened up in 2010.

Over the centuries, Pittsburgh has gotten several nicknames-- The Gateway to the West, The Smoky City, The Steel City, The City of Champions, The City with a Smile on Its Face, The World's Most Livable City-- yet to thousands, Pittsburgh has actually been identified with one more word: residence. As long as there are rivers coursing through the valleys right here, people will remain in Pittsburgh and call it their home.

Pittsburgh On The Move

scrapyard near me skyline view of the city and 3 rivers
scrapyard near me skyline view of the city and 3 rivers

Scrapyard Near Me

Pittsburgh City Hall & County Building

The Pittsburgh City-County Building is the seat of government for all of Allegheny County including the residences of Pittsburgh plus the Allegheny County workplaces. It is placed in Center Pittsburgh at 414 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Local community partisanship was adopted in the facility's renovation and in 1914, Mayor Joseph Armstrong professed that all building components for the facility really should come from products that are found in and around the Pittsburgh community, and also that all labor needed to be acquired or taken from Allegheny County. The strategies for the advancement of the all-new establishment also magnified some of the popular business organizations within Pittsburgh such as the Carnegie Library and the Civic Club of Allegheny County, both of which had programs for capacity in the cutting-edge property. On March 26, 1916, the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of unification was held in Pittsburgh as well as a march within the city of Pittsburgh concluding with a steel framework of what would ultimately turn into the brand-new City-Council Structure.

Scrapyard Near Me Pittsburgh city county building under construction in 1916
Scrapyard Near Me Pittsburgh city county building under construction in 1916


In 1914, a challenge and competition was held for the new Pittsburgh City Hall. Out of the 16 competitors, Edward B. Lee, a reputable Pittsburgh designer was chosen along with Palmer, Hornbostel, & Jones as linked artists.

The facility was constructed in the Beaux Arts design.

It includes, at their bases, the Seals of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, frontiersman Guyasuta, and Pittsburgh's earliest enduring structure, the Fort Pitt Blockhouse.

The structure is additionally distinct because a lot of the furnishings were made by the structure's artist, Hornbostel. The Office of the Mayor, Council Chamber, and the Supreme Court Room were finished in 1917, and their furnishings are still in operation today.

On the 7th floor of the structure is a huge mural finished in 1940. It qualified "Justice" by prize-winning musician Harry Scheuch.

Pittsburgh City Hall front entrance on Grant Street
Pittsburgh City Hall front entrance on Grant Street

Pittsburgh City Resources

Pittsburgh Police yellow and black logo badge
Pittsburgh Police yellow and black logo badge
Pittsburgh Fire Department Red and White Badge Logo
Pittsburgh Fire Department Red and White Badge Logo
Pittsburgh EMS Department Blue and White Badge Logo
Pittsburgh EMS Department Blue and White Badge Logo

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