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ABC Scrapyard is a family-owned and operated scrap metal recycling facility. Since opening their doors in August of 2012, we have been dedicated to providing excellent service and building strong relationships with their local valued customers. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, the dynamic duo continues to work tirelessly to improve their company tactics, deliver the best customer service, and foster a healthy work environment.


At ABC Scrapyard, we have an experienced team that is committed to working closely with you to provide top prices for your ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our ethical work practices and dedication to customer satisfaction set us apart from the competition. We take pride in offering you the best possible value for your scrap metal.

To get a better idea of the items we accept, please visit our "What We Buy" page. We accept a wide range of materials and are always looking for new opportunities to work with you. Additionally, our "What We Do" page provides an overview of the various ways we can assist you in managing your scrap metal needs.

Whether you are an individual looking to recycle some old metal items or a business with large-scale metal disposal needs, ABC Scrapyard is here to help. We have the expertise, resources, and commitment to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our customers.

Choose ABC Scrapyard for all your scrap metal recycling needs. Experience the difference that a family-owned and operated business can make!

ABC Scrapyard, We Are So Proud To Serve Moon Township Community

Moon Township| Scrapyard Near Me | ABC Scrapyard

Scrapyard Near Me and its partners have served the Moon Township region and business owners for over 30 years.

Below are some interesting facts and information about Moon Township you may not know…

The Hidden Gems of Moon Township: Pittsburgh's Top Scrap Yards Near Me

Welcome to Moon Twp blue road sigh
Welcome to Moon Twp blue road sigh

Nestled alongside the Ohio River, Moon Township in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, is an area rich in history and industry. Home to 27,261 residents and a vital part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, the township offers more than meets the eye. One such feature is its collection of impressive scrap yards that are treasure troves for recycling enthusiasts, antique hunters, and resource-conscious builders. Let's dive in and discover these hidden gems.

A Peek into the Past of Moon Township

Situated a mere 12 miles northwest of bustling Pittsburgh, Moon Township holds the title of the oldest township in Allegheny County. With its establishment dating back to 1788, its early days were marked by a population of hardworking farmers tilling its fertile soil. However, the arrival of the Industrial Revolution ignited a drastic shift in the area's identity. The advent of railroads and mills propelled the township into an era of growth and urban transformation. A vital part of this evolution was the emergence of various businesses, including the dynamic network of scrap yards. These facilities played a fundamental role in the township's industrial progression, helping to shape the area into the thriving community it is today. While a nod to the rich history of Moon Township, the scrap yards continue to serve the present-day community, reinforcing their enduring importance in the local landscape.

Importance of Scrap Yards in Moon Township

The role that scrap yards play in Moon Township is pivotal. These facilities act as vital hubs for effective waste management and eco-friendly recycling, making them a significant asset to the community. The primary service they offer is providing a designated area for the disposal of unwanted metals and other materials. This key function assists in maintaining the cleanliness of the township and significantly reducing the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.

But their contribution doesn't stop at waste disposal. Scrap yards in Moon Township are instrumental in the recycling process. By collecting and processing discarded materials, these establishments ensure that these resources are not wasted but are instead given a new lease on life. This recycling process sees these repurposed materials re-enter the economic stream, thereby encouraging a circular economy and promoting a sustainable lifestyle within the township.

Moreover, these scrap yards have an added environmental benefit. By facilitating the recycling and reusing of materials, they indirectly help to conserve energy and lessen the demand for the extraction of new resources. This action reduces the strain on our environment and plays a part in preserving our natural resources for future generations.

In sum, the scrap yards of Moon Township are much more than mere collection centers for unwanted goods. They serve as key players in promoting sustainability, managing waste effectively, and contributing to the protection of the environment. Their importance to the township and its residents is undeniable.

Exploring Moon Township’s Top Scrap Yards

Moon Township is graced with several high-quality scrap yards that cater to diverse needs. One notable example is Northside Salvage Yard, a yard that stands out for its large selection and exceptional customer service, making it a top pick among locals. Another prominent establishment in the township is A & L Auto Recycling, a yard that is not only well-respected but also renowned for its commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Scrap Mart is another facility you can't miss, operating as a comprehensive center for purchasing and selling an array of scrap materials. It offers a unique shopping experience that sets it apart from other scrap yards in the area. These yards, among others in Moon Township, offer a valuable service, aiding in waste disposal, promoting recycling, and providing a source for repurposed materials. When visiting these sites, remember the best practices mentioned earlier for a successful and safe experience. With a variety of scrap yards to choose from, each with its unique strengths, Moon Township is truly a haven for recycling enthusiasts and savvy builders alike.

Best Practices to Follow at Scrap Yards

Scrap yards can be bustling hubs of activity, but like any industrial space, they come with potential hazards. To ensure your visit is both successful and safe, there are a few key practices to keep in mind.

Start by dressing for the occasion. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects, and opt for long sleeves and pants to shield your skin from potential scrapes or cuts. A pair of durable gloves can be useful for handling rough materials, and safety glasses are advisable if you plan to disassemble anything or use any tools.

Before you head out, take a moment to call the scrap yard. Ask about their current pricing for various metals or materials. This is especially relevant if you're bringing in items to sell, as scrap metal prices can fluctuate. It's also a good opportunity to inquire about any specific rules or policies the yard might have. Every yard operates slightly differently, so getting this information upfront can help you plan your visit more effectively.

Once you arrive, remember to adhere to any posted rules or guidelines. This might include things like where to unload materials, how to sort your scrap or even speed limits within the yard. Respect for these rules ensures a smoother operation for everyone and maintains a positive environment in the yard.

Finally, don't forget to be mindful of others. Scrap yards are often busy places, with many people working or searching for items simultaneously. Being aware of your surroundings, giving others plenty of space, and behaving courteously can go a long way in making the experience more enjoyable for everyone. By following these best practices, you're sure to have a successful and safe visit to any scrap yard in Moon Township.

How Moon Township’s Scrap Yards Contribute to the Community

Moon Township's scrap yards serve as more than just repositories for discarded items; they are significant contributors to the local community. For one, these facilities are employment hubs, offering a range of jobs and stimulating the local economy. From sorting to processing and even sales, each scrap yard presents numerous opportunities for work, fostering local employment and injecting a consistent flow of income into the community.

Additionally, these scrap yards are instrumental in promoting a culture of recycling and environmental awareness within the township. Their visible presence and the services they provide serve as constant reminders of the importance of reusing and recycling materials, leading to a community that values sustainable practices.

Not to be overlooked is the significant environmental contribution these scrap yards make. The practice of reusing materials is not just about cutting costs or finding unique items; it's about conservation. Every piece of scrap metal that's recycled is one less item in a landfill and one less demand for the extraction of new resources. This sustainable practice has far-reaching effects on energy conservation and helps protect the world's resources, ensuring that future generations can also benefit from them.

The scrap yards of Moon Township play an indispensable role in fostering a community that is economically robust, environmentally conscious, and sustainable in its practices. Their impact extends beyond the boundaries of their premises and is woven into the very fabric of the township's community.

Township of Moon Offices
Township of Moon Offices

Championing Green Practices at Your Local 'Scrapyard Near Me'

Sustainability Moon Township
Sustainability Moon Township

The Moon Twp Community's Love for the Environment

Situated in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Moon Twp is a community that profoundly values environmental conservation. Its residents fully comprehend that even the smallest actions can contribute to broader environmental impacts. One of the prominent steps taken by this community to show its environmental commitment is the 'Scrapyard Near Me' program. This initiative encourages residents to recycle metal waste, which effectively reduces the amount of waste heading to landfills. More importantly, this act of recycling also decreases the demand for freshly mined metal, thereby minimizing environmental degradation and conserving our planet's natural resources.

A Shared Dedication to Sustainability

In Moon Twp, the pursuit of sustainability is a collective effort. Educational institutions instill in their students the value of recycling and its significant impact on the environment. Local enterprises are also on board, integrating eco-friendly methods into their day-to-day operations. The community-wide devotion to ecological stewardship is a fundamental aspect of Moon Twp's identity. This can be vividly seen through the establishment of 'Scrapyard Near Me' centers. These scrapyards serve a crucial function by offering an accessible venue for residents and businesses to responsibly manage their metal waste. By fostering a culture that prioritizes responsible waste disposal, these scrapyards are an integral part in driving the sustainability agenda within the community.

Responsible and Efficient Metal Recycling at the Local Scrapyard Near Me Center

The 'Scrapyard Near Me' centers in Moon Twp are pillars of eco-consciousness, promoting efficient and green practices through their metal recycling operations. The scrapyards accept a wide range of metals, from aluminum and copper to brass and steel, contributing to a comprehensive recycling effort that spans the gamut of commonly used materials.

Upon arrival at the center, these materials undergo a meticulous processing procedure. The scrapped metals are sorted, cleaned, and repurposed, ensuring that they are suitable for reuse in manufacturing processes. This practice reduces the volume of metal waste sent to landfills, in turn decreasing the harmful environmental impacts associated with waste decomposition.

More importantly, by repurposing scrapped metals, the 'Scrapyard Near Me' centers contribute to lessening the demand for new metals. This results in a reduced need for metal mining, a process known to cause severe environmental damage and natural resource depletion. It's a remarkable ripple effect that resonates beyond the boundaries of Moon Twp, reinforcing the importance of small community actions in the global sustainability movement.

Furthermore, the recycling processes employed by the scrapyards are designed to be energy-efficient. They consume significantly less energy compared to the procedures involved in mining and refining new metals. This leads to lower carbon emissions, demonstrating the scrapyards' commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint.

In all, the 'Scrapyard Near Me' centers provide an accessible and responsible solution for managing metal waste. Through their commitment to responsible metal recycling, they are helping the Moon Twp community align with its environmental goals, fostering a sustainable future for generations to come.

ECO Friendly Moon Township
ECO Friendly Moon Township

Embracing the Challenge and Fostering a Greener Future

The journey towards environmental sustainability is not without hurdles, but the community of Moon Twp has taken strides to overcome these challenges. From individual residents to local businesses, the embracement of the 'Scrapyard Near Me' program has been enthusiastic and impactful. By actively participating in responsible metal recycling, they have significantly contributed to the reduction of waste, the preservation of natural resources, and the minimization of harmful environmental impacts.

The strong commitment towards green practices, specifically metal recycling, has manifested in the form of a cleaner, more sustainable community. Yet, it goes beyond just having an eco-friendly neighborhood. The environmental responsibility displayed by Moon Twp’s citizens is setting a strong example for other communities to follow, fostering a ripple effect that could potentially lead to broader environmental benefits.

Even more remarkable is how this commitment has extended to the local business sector. Many companies have started integrating the 'Scrapyard Near Me' program into their waste management strategies. This not only boosts their green credentials but also helps drive the local economy by creating jobs and promoting the recycling industry.

The acceptance and support of the 'Scrapyard Near Me' initiative in Moon Twp demonstrate that it is indeed possible to balance economic progress with environmental responsibility. It's a testament to how small community actions can have a significant impact on the bigger picture of global sustainability. In this respect, Moon Twp serves as an inspiring model for other communities to emulate.

Embracing environmentally friendly practices, especially in areas like waste management, is an ongoing journey. It requires a continuous commitment and a willingness to adapt and evolve. Yet, with the steadfast determination shown by Moon Twp residents and business owners, there's every reason to be optimistic about a greener, more sustainable future.

By championing green practices like the 'Scrapyard Near Me' program, the Moon Twp community is creating a legacy of environmental responsibility, one that could significantly influence future generations. It's a challenge that they have not only embraced but one that they are triumphantly overcoming. Through their collective efforts, a greener, more sustainable future is not just a dream, but a reality that is slowly but surely being achieved.

Circle Green ECO
Circle Green ECO

Decoding Influences on Moon Township Scrap Metal Prices at

Your Nearby Scrapyard

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Click Here Best Price TV

Understanding the intricate details of scrap metal pricing can be an overwhelming task, but it is essential knowledge if you're in the business of selling or buying scrap metals. We will dissect the factors that shape Moon Township scrap metal prices, how to navigate through them, and ultimately, how to make the most of your local scrapyard. Let's dive in!

Scrap Metal Prices: The Basics

Scrap metal pricing isn't a static figure; it constantly shifts based on several key factors, primarily being the worldwide metal supply and demand. The logic is straightforward - when the demand spikes and the supply dwindles, prices go up and when the opposite happens, prices take a dip. The type of metal in question is another crucial aspect. Everyday metals like iron and steel may not fetch as much as their rarer counterparts such as copper and brass, primarily due to their ubiquity. The prices are generally established per pound. It's essential to grasp these basics as they form the foundation for understanding the complexities of scrap metal prices. Next, we will delve into the specific elements that mold the scrap metal prices in Moon Township.

What Influences Moon Township Scrap Metal Prices

The pricing of scrap metals in Moon Township, much like any other place, hinges on a mix of international and regional dynamics. The international landscape plays a significant role, where events of global significance and the economic strength of countries that heavily consume metals can sway the price needle. For instance, political unrest or changes in trade policies can impact the worldwide metal trade, which, in turn, affects scrap metal prices. Concurrently, the health of the economy of large metal consumers like China or the U.S can influence the demand and thus the prices of scrap metal.

Zooming in on the regional level, the prevalence of specific metals in the local area can dictate their price. If a particular metal is abundant locally, its scrap price might be lower due to its high availability. Conversely, scarce metals can command higher prices.

The operating expenses of local scrapyards are another piece of the pricing puzzle. If the costs of running a scrapyard increase, it may translate to lower prices offered for scrap metals to offset the increased operating cost. Hence, the overhead costs of scrapyards can indirectly affect the prices.

Remember, these factors don't function in isolation. Instead, they interplay to form the fluctuating landscape of scrap metal prices in Moon Township. Therefore, a keen eye on these influences can help anticipate price movements and make informed decisions in the scrap metal market.

Scrap Copper Prices in Moon Township

Copper, widely appreciated for its demand and diverse utility across various sectors, often brings a generous return in the scrap metal marketplace. Its pricing in Moon Township, however, is not exempt from fluctuation and can shift according to several determinants. As with other metals, international market trends heavily dictate the value of copper. The local dynamics of supply and demand also come into play. If Moon Township sees a surge in available copper or a drop in its consumption, the scrap copper prices may decline and vice versa. However, it's not just about quantity, the quality of the copper can significantly impact its price as well. Pristine, unadulterated copper can fetch a substantially higher price than its tarnished or alloyed versions. As a potential seller or buyer in the scrap copper market, maintaining a watchful eye on these influences can help navigate the ever-changing terrain of copper prices.

Finding Scrap Prices Near You

Staying current with the latest scrap metal prices in your locality can be achieved with some simple online sleuthing. There are a multitude of online resources that provide regular updates on the going rate for various types of metals. This can be a quick and convenient way to gauge the market and prepare for your transactions.

While online resources are incredibly helpful, reaching out directly to your local scrapyards can often yield more accurate and specific price information. Engage in a quick phone call or even a visit to the scrapyards in your vicinity to inquire about their current pricing. Each scrapyard may offer different rates depending on their operational costs, demand, and the specific metals they are currently in need of.

The importance of comparison cannot be overstated in this context. Don't just settle for the first price you come across. Instead, gather prices from several scrapyards, compare them, and then decide where to take your scrap metals. This step could potentially earn you a better return on your scrap.

Please note that these steps should not be a one-time activity. The scrap metal market is a dynamic one, and prices fluctuate regularly. Therefore, make it a habit to routinely check on prices to stay ahead of any significant changes. This approach will help you to plan your transactions more strategically and potentially increase your earnings.

Remember, the prices can vary due to multiple factors that have been discussed earlier in the blog. Hence, having a thorough understanding of these variables can help you make more informed decisions.

Best Price Looking Glass
Best Price Looking Glass

Moon Township Scrap Prices

The scrap metal market in Moon Township, located near the bustling industrial hub of Pittsburgh, remains active due to continuous demand from various industries. This robust demand combined with global and local influences, as discussed earlier, helps sculpt the scrap metal prices in this locale. If you're looking to buy or sell scrap metals, it's imperative to stay informed about these factors and monitor how they impact the rates in Moon Township. Frequent awareness of both macro and microeconomic influences will help you better navigate the scrap metal market in the area.

Scrap Yard Near Me: Making the Most of Your Local Moon Township Yard

To optimize your profits when selling scrap metals, there are several strategies you can employ at your local Moon Township yard. Start by sorting your metals according to their type, as scrapyards are likely to offer a premium for metals that have already been segregated. Additionally, maintain your metals in a clean state, devoid of any foreign substances or contaminants. This ensures their quality is not compromised, increasing their potential value at the scrapyard. It's also beneficial to establish a positive rapport with the operators at your local scrapyard. A trusted relationship could lead to more advantageous deals and rates. By implementing these tactics, you can maximize the returns on your scrap metal sales in Moon Township.

World in Hand Moon Twp
World in Hand Moon Twp

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