North Hills, McKnigh road,us post office and Bravo restaurant
North Hills, McKnigh road,us post office and Bravo restaurant

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Scrap Yard Near Me and its companies have served the North Hills region and business owners for over 30 years.

Below are some interesting facts and information about North Hills you may not know…

The North Hills of McCandless is a municipality with home rule standing in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The populace was 29,709 in the 2020 demographics. It is a north suburban area of Pittsburgh.

McCandless is part of the North Allegheny School District as well as takes part in the multi-municipality of Northland Public Library. It has actually been placed #1 by Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live.” McCandless no longer runs under the First Class Township Code, it is categorized as a top-notch area for particular functions. The addition of the word “Town” in its name often triggers complications, considering that with one exemption, a “community” is not a local system in Pennsylvania.

Largely a farming neighborhood in the 1800s, the town expanded in 1890 with the exploration of oil and the introduction of an electric train that opened up the future to the ever-more expanding, lively area we know today. In McCandless, we enjoy a suburban-style setup while still preserving the same comfy setting of a lost age. With simple and fast accessibility to the PA turnpike and interstates, and also simply a brief commute to downtown Pittsburgh, it’s not surprising that the populace right here has actually expanded to greater than 28,500+ locals, and also is why McCandless has actually been rated #1 in Money publication’s “Best Places to Live.”

With its 16.4 square miles land size, McCandless continues to develop as even more varied advancement adds to our landscape such as McCandless Crossing, a traditional neighborhood development that consists of 53 townhouses, retail stores and outlets, workplaces, resorts, and amusement facilities. Citizens take pleasure in the well-kept areas as safe communities as well as virtually 3,000 acres of park for almost every task: hiking, cycling, and strolling routes, a lake for fishing and boating, a fish pond with a Thoreau-like setup, and also a golf links, every one of that make McCandless a unique location to call home.

The Town of McCandless is abundant with background– greater than 160 years worth! Whether you’re interested in checking out the Town’s earliest inhabitants, finding exactly how Perry Highway obtained its name, learning more about the Harmony Line and exactly how it considerably affected residency in McCandless, or checking out the Town’s stable development, or just how much we’ve come as a neighborhood, there’s a tale below for every person. Make sure to look into the McCandless timeline which goes back to 1753!

MacKnight Road, north hills business locations
MacKnight Road, north hills business locations
George Washington and C. Gist in 1856 with Indians
George Washington and C. Gist in 1856 with Indians

The Community of McCandless: Early History

The American Indians

The background of the North Hills and McCandless started with the American Indians. extensive information regarding the lives of these participants is restricted, nonetheless, artifacts have actually been located in locations of McCandless, verifying their presence in the town.

Christopher Gist, an overview of George Washington

The First Written Description of McCandless;

Possibly, the initially created summary of McCandless came from Christopher Gist's overview of George Washington, in 1753. He explained both men leaving the Venango Trail and also following Pine Creek to Etna, which makes Mr. Gist and Washington some of McCandless’ earliest site visitors.

Throughout the Revolutionary War, soldiers were paid in Continental manuscript, which rapidly diminished in worth. The state after that established regulations to make up for this devaluation by designing a strategy to offer the land it had actually obtained from the Indians. Discontent proceeded in the location up until the Indians were beaten in 1794.


James Duff, who was the very first inhabitant in 1795, declared 400 acres of land in the north part of what was to end up being McCandless. His widow, later on, offered the land for a saddle and also a mare. The land raised in worth, as a 50-acre plot cost $11,000 in 1875.

The 2nd inhabitant was Henry Moon, who constructed a log cabin along Pine Creek in 1796.


Around 1800, Phillip Sarver began the motion for the initial market in McCandless: a sawmill and also a gristmill situated along Pine Creek (a prominent area). The weekly post started in the North Hills in 1801, with relay terminals in Wexford, Warrendale, as well as Perrysville. All the local inns as well as pubs quickly complied with it.


McCandless ended up being a really famous, tactical area throughout the War of 1812. An essential path for carrying battle products from Pittsburgh to Admiral Perry’s pressures on Lake Erie passed via this location.

Court McCandless Meeting Judge McCandless.

In the 1800s, McCandless was nearly solely a farming neighborhood. The 1860 demographics revealed a populace of 1,482 locals, a number that was not to be surpassed until the late 1920s. It had not been up until McCandless was formally developed in 1851 with an act of the legislature that sculpted it out of a diminishing Pine Township.

The town was named after Judge Wilson McCandless, who was a popular individual of the day. He was birthed in 1810, in Pittsburgh, as well as graduated from the Western University of Pennsylvania (University of Pittsburgh) in 1826.

Village of Wexford in the North Hills green road sigh
Village of Wexford in the North Hills green road sigh

Transport, the Great Depression, as well as World War II.

Consistency Line

The function of transport notes a really noticeable time for the development of McCandless. Quickly after, the electrical train transformed the opportunity of travel in the location. The freeway was no longer the most modern in transport innovation.

In 1908, the Harmony Line was constructed with McCandless, linking the city of Pittsburgh with Evans City, New Castle, and also Butler. This brand-new line not just impacted freight carrying, but now allowed Township locals to commute to the city.

The rail solution opened up brand-new work possibilities for McCandless citizens as well as made the city institutions easily accessible to the youngsters of the Township. The populace increased throughout this time, getting to 2,700 homeowners in 1930.

Ups and Downs

Throughout the 1930s, the Depression considerably influenced McCandless. After the battle, nevertheless, McCandless began to expand in at a rate no one ever before assumed feasible.

The Township quickly understood that drains, water, institutions, and also roadways were not separate issues. As an outcome, the Township authorities embraced their very first zoning regulation in 1947.

By 1952, McCandless was still expanding. A ballot relocated McCandless from a second-class territory to a superior territory, as well as on January 1, 1975, McCandless ended up being the Town of McCandless, a home rule community running under a charter, which citizens authorized on November 5, 1974.


McCandless’ ever-increasing populace and also web traffic circulation have actually brought much more varied advancement right into the location. The McCandless Crossing East as well as West growth proceeds to thrive as well as invites both customers and also organizations to go shopping in the Town.

Today, practically 30,000+ individuals reside in the Town’s 16.4 square miles.

McCandless shopping center on McKnight road
McCandless shopping center on McKnight road

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